Monday, June 10, 2013

More pics of kitty :)

He's looking incredibly healthy. If only you could see just how emaciated he was when we found him!

One of my secrets is lysine, it's amazing! It was originally meant for humans, but vets recommend it for pets also. You mix a scoop each day in their wet food. It boosts their immune system and will make them shine from the inside out, gives them silky soft fur and gets rid of any health issues. One of my cats used to get runny eyes, but no more! Link --> Lysine Amino Acid Powder

We've had 2 offers so far, but I'm not sure about them. I'm being very selective. A friend of a friend just had her cat die and is looking for a kitten, so it's perfect timing. Lets see what happens :)

Pics taken this morning (day 8 of fostering)....


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Luis Santos said...

I love pics of kitty. But I would also love to see some pics of nudity.