Thursday, September 19, 2013

In Memory of Thea....

I'm both sad and stunned to hear the news that Thea Coleman has passed away. She was a great person and a talented model, photographer, creative. It's very sad and she will be missed.

We first met in 2008 when we were both flown to the Bahamas for an assignment. We kept in touch over the years and ended up working together in Europe at the same event. I got to know her a bit, although we were not very close. I ended up working with her boyfriend in LA at the time she had begun focusing on photography herself, so I posed for her. We were hoping to work together again at some point.

She passed away on the 25th July. The police believed it was an accidental drowning in the bath tub. There are so many thoughts one can have about that. It strikes me as strange, because people don't usually drown in a bath, unless she had a few drinks which put her to sleep. Hopefully more details will be shared soon.

She was very talented and had a bright future ahead. Her work was already hanging in galleries in the US and overseas. She died way too soon.

Here are some of the images she took of me. She gave me a manicure for that first image, attention to the details, to get that perfect shot. The nude reminds me of an Edward Weston.

Gone, but not forgotten.


Willamena Brown said...

It's always sad when when a talent such as Thea passes away and leaves the world poorer for it. Recently you and Noah Elias have restored my faith and belief in God and using your talents for the good.

God bless

Katy T said...

Thanks so much for your comment here. Thea is missed, it was very sad what happened.

So pleased that I have helped in some way... but rather greater is He who is in me, because I am nothing without Him. :)

I have a christian blog, which I'm happy to share with you.

God Bless.